I sometimes shutter when reflecting on the fact that it’s been some years now since I successfully transitioned out of care. It’s not hard to imagine that as a young person filled with optimism and hope for opportunity, I was also filled with butterflies of excitement and nervousness. Arriving at the Mississauga Convention Centre  – for the Joint Recognition Dinner hosted by Peel CAS and Peel Children’s Aid Foundation, brought back memories of college. From the many late nights barely staying awake, ‘burning the midnight oil’ to finish term papers, to the budget friendly, main staple macaroni and tuna meals to get through, to the mercifully free school bus rides to the local pub; it all started coming back to me.


On March 9th, we held our 2019 winter quilting workshop – Artpressions!  We not only had fun…we came together, shared our perspectives and viewpoints of life in and out of care. And created fantastic quilt blocks as a form of reflection. Pictures from the workshop can be viewed on Facebook,  Instagram, and Twitter

Special thanks to Adoption Council of Ontario for sponsoring the venue, and to all of our youth participants from Halton Children’s Aid Society, and the Children’s Aid Society of Hallimand and Norfolk who attended.