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About US

PATCHES 360 Inc. is a social enterprise, dedicated to providing independent communication consulting, non-clinical social services, and programs for children and youth.


Transform the lives of Children and Youth.


To develop and provide services/programs for children and youth, while equipping them with the tools, resources, and systems needed to successfully embark on their life journey as successful adults.

Goals & Objectives


Influence viewpoints and outlooks on life.


Provide a sense of enlightenment and motivation, through life coaching, peer-to-peer support, workshops, etc.


Educate and instill permanent tools & skills that will be used throughout life.


Support the development of political, social, cultural, and economic systems.

Our Services

We designed a suite of services targeted to improving the quality of life and community where all children and youth have the mental, physical, social, and emotional foundation needed to grow into healthy, and productive members of society.

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Core Values/ Guiding Principles